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 That’s What Friends Are For                Jim Ryan,1983

Bright lights or feelin’ blue, need someone to tell it to
You can’t keep it to yourself anymore
You’re not quite the real you, Are you feelin’ something new
You call ‘em up, that’s what friends are for

When you feel like heaven or like hell, or when you can’t even tell
They’ll smile and nod and say “tell me some more”
‘Bout doors you’ve walked out or in, a good deed or a sin
They’ll let you talk, ‘cause that’s what friends are for

    . . . instrumental verse . . .

When I tell someone of you, their smile tells me they knew
From the way I looked when I met ‘em at the door
And since you’ve been around, I seldom have felt down
I guess that’s ‘cause, that’s what friends are for

© Jim Ryan, Guilty Man’s Music 1983, SOCAN

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