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Hard Luck Song                  Jim Ryan, 2011

Learned my life lessons on the run
Don’t get too close to anyone
Learned my life lessons, learned ‘em well
Not that much space ‘tween Heaven & Hell

Learned to drive and learned to ride
Fast track to the other side
Learned to live before you die
The time is now, don’t ask why

            Grab your hat its time to go
            Don’t hold me back, I can’t go slow
            My attention don’t last long
            You got me now, you can’t go wrong
            . . . It’s a hard luck song

Down to the wire, up to no good
Test time and space each chance you could
Stretch the scene, ‘til it fits you
Sometimes the darkest wish comes true

I’ve seen life, that is no lie
Do what you need, it gets you by
Sometimes words just come out wrong
You’re in your own damn hard-luck song

© Jim Ryan, Guilty Man’s Music 2014 SOCAN

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