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Heart Trouble               Jim Ryan, 2014

            I got heart trouble
            You’d think that it would mend
            All this heart trouble
            Having you as my best friend
            I was born with heart trouble
            Your love lifts every day
            But with heart trouble
            I’ll probably die this way

From carrying the world alone
Worry gets you down
Things you can’t change turn up
Same in every town
Just a set up for frustration
Plant your garden full of dreams
I know I’d be much better off
Planting rows and rows of greens

You still make my world
A little brighter every day
Like the sun comes up each morning
Sayin’ its time to live and play
Bring joy to those around you
Small steps can take you far
All I need at home or on the road
My best friend and my guitar

© Jim Ryan, Guilty Man’s Music 2014 SOCAN

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