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My Brother’s Keeper               Jim Ryan, 2013

Need my brother, come and save me
Though it pains too much to ask
Need my brother, be my keeper
One favour; may be the last
Tables turn, but he don’t owe me
Pulled him from that swollen creek
From that day on, he’s been the good one
Save that one day, I’ve just been weak

Play the big man, scoff at schoolin’
Scared to death, could hardly read
Teacher said, “Be like your brother”
I shook my head, they could not see

              But I could count by 10's and 20's
              I could weigh with my right arm
              Taste and smell, hell all my senses
              Were supposed to keep me from all harm

While I was dealin’, he was learning
‘Bout the laws I lived beyond
We both worked, losing contact
Defending rights, doing wrong
One day it happened, should’a known it
The man was waitin’ ‘round the bend
Deal went down, I went with it
Need my brother, and I need him now

Play the big man, scoff at danger
Scared to death, can barely see
Lawman says “one call; your brother?”
I nod my head, he’ll come for me

© Jim Ryan, Guilty Man’s Music 2014 SOCAN

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