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Darkness Down The Track                          Jim Ryan, 2014

Sat down my old guitar case, time to set a spell
Can’t say what I’ve been going through, some folks would call it hell
Stared to the east an hour, then turned and pondered west
Hoping for a signal, which direction was the best
Always walk down to the train tracks when I have a troubled mind
Like the answer’s on a freight car when the next train rumbles by
Its so quiet when you’re waiting, like the sound of someone gone
Empty chairs in every room, no one to sing a song
            Something supernatural ‘bout the locomotive’s pull
            Ghosts of every hobo in the screech ‘n scream ‘n wail
            Brave engineers and brakemen, steel wheel legends draw us back, while ...
            Adventure, dreams, ambition steam toward darkness down the track
Night’s falling, there’s a chill; start to feel it in my bones
Like other nights I’ve sat here, know I should get back home
But there’s a light and a faint whistle, won’t be long ‘n she’ll be here
Thunder rolls through the heavens, like an answer to a prayer

© Jim Ryan, Guilty Man’s Music 2014 SOCAN

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