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Cold Case                                Jim Ryan, 2013

Biggest thing ever seen in this small town
Headlines so loud that they screamed
Each one of the fallen, too young for God’s calling
The trees wearin’ late August green

Lawmen and Lawyers talked in hushed voices
While fools added fuel to the fire
With rumours, opinion, wild speculation
Chanelled hate, love and desire

              Open and shut; not bloody likely
              Never as clear as it seems
              Experience taught him to dig to the bottom
              Collect snippets of truth in between

Our hero moves quickly, keeps to the shadows
Time’s short, he can’t tip his hand
The villain finds cover under confusion
They both watch and listen and plan

TV trucks shine light in dark corners
Bright eyed reporters take aim
Deadlines approaching, file the lead story
They all have a part in the game

              Open and shut . . .

Can our hero find answers, ask the right questions
Will the villain add to his crime
The attention span drifts, tomorrow’s sensation
Will leave the town wondering why

© Jim Ryan, Guilty Man’s Music 2014 SOCAN

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